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The intent of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) is to create vehicles for better management of a patient’s whole health and well-being. Most ACOs start with managing quality measures and unnecessary utilization for active patients, but ultimately, population health is about more than that, and successful ACOs will go further and engage with people before they have another clinical event.

The success of an ACO depends on whether it can engage with people before they become patients—that is, before they have an acute need for clinical healthcare.

Guideway Care is the lever you need to move your organization from a reactive approach to one that is more proactive, efficient, and effective, with:

  • Surveys designed to uncover issues and barriers otherwise hidden in social determinants and unmet psychosocial support needs
  • Disease-specific protocols to ensure that the patient receives the right support at the right time, and no one falls through the gaps
  • A communications model that allows us to engage in a synchronous and asynchronous way with at-risk persons

Our care guides are non-clinical employees hired, trained and managed by Guideway with extensive training specific to the condition/disease state of the patients with whom the care guide will be working. The care guides are placed within the health system, integrating into your existing care teams. Care guides spur patient behavior change through person-to-person and technology-enabled interactions. The supporting framework of evidence-based, disease-specific protocols help uncover and address hidden barriers, and a comprehensive care guidance technology platform gives a system-wide view of the patient, with exceptional accountability and reportability, including patient-reported outcomes.

Reaching success as an ACO requires new thinking, and Guideway Care provides the leverage your organization needs to get there.

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