Care Guidance for HRRP Conditions

Guideway Care / Care Guidance for HRRP Conditions

Reduce or Eliminate Readmission Penalties

Guideway Care provides care guidance that reduces unnecessary readmissions by addressing the non-clinical factors that have the largest impact on readmission risk. We reach your patients beyond the facility walls, improving their outcomes and care experience, all while supporting your existing care team and reducing burnout.

Penalties Continue to Trend Upward

(as a reduction of Medicare payments for inpatient admissions per financial year)

Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation

As readmission rates stagnate or even rise and opportunities to improve patient satisfaction are superseded by competing priorities, hospitals are burdened with rising readmission penalties under the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), and are falling further and further behind in preparing for other looming value-based reimbursement requirements.

Address the Underlying Causes of Readmission

Guideway Care offers a proven, technology-enabled care guidance program that integrates with your current care team and unifies patient data from across the system, allowing you to quickly and efficiently extend individualized, disease-specific support to patients outside facility walls. Care guidance drives patient behavioral change and uncovers and addresses the barriers hidden with social determinants of health, along with improving care transitions, collaboration, and knowledge gaps, leading to rapid improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as readmission rates.

Programs Tailored to HRRP Conditions

Guideway offers care guidance programs tailored for each of the conditions/disease states covered under HRRP, with effective, evidence-based protocols for:

  • AMI
  • CABG
  • COPD
  • Heart Failure
  • Pneumonia

In fact, out of the 47 top readmission factors for these conditions combined, Guideway’s program can directly impact 34 factors with non-clinical interventions.

Guideway Care’s care guidance services are the lever your organization needs to reduce or remove your readmission penalties.

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